Policies and Procedures

Communication with our Parents

Our school emphasizes constant communication with our parents to monitor each child's progress and development. It is our belief that a communicative relationship with our parents is an essential part of our children's success. We also place high priority on keeping our center family oriented. In doing so, we establish bonds with our children and parents that remain intact even when they leave our program. By creating these bonds, we grant each child the tools they need to be successful.

Maintenance of a Knowledgeable and Aware Staff

All of our employees at Bright Minds Academy meets or exceeds the standards set by the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS) the year, we ensure our staff remains up-to-date with current child development practices and continues to expand their knowledge in child development through the attendance of conferences and periodic trainings/meetings.

Health and Nutrition

Bright Minds Academy is a part of the CACFP Child Adult Care Food Program. We prepare meals and snacks that meet and surpass the expectations set by national standards. We strive to promote open-mindedness in our children and encourage them to try a variety of different foods, presenting a well-balanced menu that is altered every week. Bright Minds Academy works with families and children to accommodate special dietary needs. During your meeting with our center, discussion of any special needs or allergies is crucial.

Safety and Security

In order to ensure the safety of our children, Bright Minds Academy keeps its doors locked at all times and utilizes a sign-in/sign out system with our parents. We direct our parents to inform us when another individual will be picking up their child from daycare and we necessitate proper identification for unusual pick-ups. Bright Minds Academy has viewing cameras on site and two-way door viewing for observation of children during play.





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